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The mission of the building program is to train semi-skilled staff who;

  • Can understand and interpret architectural projects,
  • Can design and draw projects individually,
  • Have computer literacy,
  • Can make designs and analysis by using packet programs particularly on architectural-reinforced concrete,
  • Have a good knowledge of and practice on such multi-purpose software programs as Autocad, Word and Excel,
  • Have a good knowledge of the properties of building materials, especially cement and concrete,
  • Can make calculations of concrete mixture,
  • Can calculate the costs of the projects
  • Have a good knowledge of topography and application,
  • Can make ground measurements,
  • Can put his/her theoretical knowledge into practice during practice trainings,
  • Can follow scientific and technological advancements in his/her field.

Turkey’s being on an active earthquake zone makes it crucial to train well-qualified semi-skilled staff that follow the advancements in the field of building sector. The graduates are provided with the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the country.


The students who are interested in mathematics, have the ability and will to make technical drawings can select the program which offers good training and education opportunities.

The campus, with its topographic features, offers a large area for practice where the students can carry out their building materials manufacturing studies. Besides, in our material laboratories, in line with demands of public and private sectors, research studies are carried out. The students also have the opportunity to use Autocad and other package programs in our computer laboratories.

1 Assist. Prof. Dr. and 3 Instructors currently teach in the program on the regular basis. The personnel and the academic staff do their best to provide the students with a good education.

Our students are encouraged to participate in such activities as conferences, symposiums and technical and social trips.


Because of the importance of building sector in the developing countries, the objective of the program is to train staff who;

  • Can transfer theoretical knowledge into application,
  • Can balance technical and general subjects,
  • Can keep up with and adapt himself / herself to any kind of technological advancement,


After taking transfer exams by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) , the students of the 2-year ready mixed concrete technology program can attend 4-year programs of the following departments;

  • Civil engineering
  • Construction Teaching
  • Design and Construction Teaching


The graduates of the program are awarded with the title of “Building Technician”. The graduates can be employed in project offices as design and drawing personnel, in worksites as the assistants of architects and engineers. The graduates can also undertake the duty of making concrete mixture calculations in ready mixed concrete stations.