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The mission of the program of electrics is to;

  • Pursue and analyze the requirements of the present time in order to train the staff sector seeks for.
  • Encourage students to actively participate in the social, cultural and sports activities.
  • Answer such needs as project development and counseling of the institutions nearby within the framework of school-environment cooperation.


The applied courses provided in the program of electrics are carried out in the laboratories and classes with modern equipment and technology. The laboratories designed particularly for the program are open to the use of the students.The laboratories set up for the program are listed below.

Electrics & Electronics Measurement and Basic Electronics Laboratory:

In this laboratory;

  1. The practices related to measurement and calculations of basic electrical magnitudes are carried out.
  2. The experiments related to the working principles and defects of the basic circuit elements of electrics and electronics are carried out.

Electrical Machines and Power Electronics Laboratory:

In this laboratory;

  1. The elements of power electronics are introduced and sample applications in parallel with industrial ones are carried out.
  2. The working principles of alternating and direct current machines are taught. Besides, experiments related to the characteristic rates of these machines are conducted.

Automatic Control Systems Laboratory:

In this laboratory;

  1. Electro mechanics control elements are introduced and the applications related to the field are carried out.
  2. The programming of the Programmable Controllers (PLCs), generally used in industry, are taught and sample practices, in basic and advanced levels, are conducted.
  3. Elements of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, function as muscle power in industrial processes, are introduced and sample practices are conducted.

Digital Electronics Laboratory:

In this laboratory, the practices related to the applications of logic door, sequential digital systems and combinational circuit design are carried out.

Printed Circuit Implementation Laboratory:

In this laboratory, electronic circuit cards designed in System Analysis and Design Course and in the other courses are produced.

The workshops and laboratories are improved and the technology used is updated every year with the budget allocated. All the practices are carried out in proper environments in parallel with the latest technology used in the sector.


The objective of the program is to;

  • Provide similar conditions between the environment, in which latest technology is used, in the sector and up to date training practiced in the workshops and laboratories.
  • Train technical staff who are specialists in the field and take an active role in social activities.


The students of the 2-year electrics program can attend 4-year programs of the electrical engineering departments of the engineering faculties and related departments of technical education faculties after taking transfer exams.


The graduates of the program are awarded with the title of “Electrical Technician”.

The graduates can also be employed in the sector in the fields of computer assisted project development and setting up and maintenance of automation systems.