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Human Resources

In the first quarter of the 21st century, unemployment is one of the most serious problems encountered by such developing countries as Turkey. Turkey is a country where employment opportunities for most of the qualified new employees are very limited. Today, the world experiences information society processes resulted from the profound changes in the information and communication technologies. In parallel with these changes, globalization takes the competition from national to global dimensions.

Because of the fact that the effective use of information and communication technologies has become the key stone for success, the students, given vocational training, have changed their views related to education and work life dramatically. In today’s world, education has gone beyond the school and has become a lifelong process. Therefore, it is essential for the ones who have chosen Human Resources Management as a profession to reach a level where they can operate and take responsibilities on the global basis.

Human Resources Management is one of the recent professions in our country. Main objective of the education is to equip people with the knowledge through which they can comprehend and explain the world better and contribute to world positively. That’s why, the knowledge acquired can be not only a solution to the problems of today’s world but also a solution to the problems of the future business and social life.

Human Resources Program, formerly called Personnel Program, aims at developing and managing the programs (employee placement methods, salaries, fringe benefits, human resources policies etc.) designed to increase the efficiency of the organizations. The title of “Human Resources” has become a “must” for the institutions and has a more comprehensive meaning and a more strategic role than personnel departments, which are regarded only as employment offices.

Practice Trainings for the Students:

Practice trainings and applied courses pose a great significance in Human Resources Program. The students can carry out their practice trainings while working at the Human Resources Departments in various local and national business enterprises during semester holidays.

Admission to the Program:

The graduates from secondary education institutions, if they are graduated from the below listed programs, can register to Human Resources program without taking the university entrance exam:

  • Banking ( Vocational School of Commerce)
  • Computer Aided Accounting ( Vocational School of Commerce)
  • Stock-Market Services ( Vocational School of Commerce)
  • Marine and Harbour Management ( Vocational School of Commerce)
  • Foreign Trade ( Vocational School of Commerce)
  • General Services (Railways)
  • Management ( Vocational School of Commerce)
  • Business Management (Railways)
  • Accounting ( Vocational School of Commerce)
  • Insurance ( Vocational School of Commerce)
  • Facility Management ( Vocational School of Commerce)
  • Trade ( Vocational School of Commerce)

Graduates from other secondary schools are admitted to the program according to their scores (Equal Weight-1) in the university entrance exam.


The students of the 2-year Human Resources program can attend 4-year Economics and Management programs of the universities after taking transfer exams (DGS).


The graduates can be employed as mid-level managers and experts primarily in the Human Resources departments of the public and private sector institutions. State Planning Organization, State Institute of Statistics, and The Ministry of Labour and Social Security are the organisations where the graduates are generally employed.