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Mission and Scope

Machine program of the Vocational School of Kastamonu University is built for providing occupational experience to the students as engineers and technicians in the industry and aims at providing the following knowledge and skills to the students of the program;

  • Procuring the students the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge related to machine education,
  • Introducing the new technologies compatible with the changing conditions of the present time,
  • Providing the students with the ability to use computer-aided drawing and engineering software,
  • Designing software for digitally controlled benches and using the benches,
  • Having the students acquire principles of labour discipline, management and organization,
  • Procuring the students the necessary production and planning techniques,
  • Having the students acquire the techniques of measurement and control and methods of destructive and non- destructive inspection
  • Procuring the students the necessary machining and chipless machining methods and the necessary knowledge about machine tool
  • Providing the necessary knowledge about Hydraulic & Pneumatic control systems and their applications and circuit designs
  • Procuring the students transport techniques.

The applications of the below listed courses of separate programs are carried out in the program;

  • Manufacturing
  • CNC
  • Machine Parts
  • Welding
  • Engine
  • Casting
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic
  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Material

Besides, the equipment the vocational school needs and the machines designed by the students are produced in these laboratories with school’s own sources. The students of the program actively participate in such activities as theatre, music, painting, football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, chess and athletics.


The students of the 2-year machine program can attend 4-year programs of the mechanical engineering departments of the engineering faculties and related departments of technical education faculties after taking transfer exams.


The program offers two-year undergraduate education. The graduates of the program are awarded with the title of “Machine Technician”. The graduates of the program can be employed in industry, in the fields of production, maintenance, drawing and designing in the institutions of machining and chipless machining production. Within the framework of Production-Industry Cooperation Project, the students are provided with 20-day practice training sessions in various branches of industry. These practice trainings offer the students the opportunity to have a clear understanding of industrial applications and; thus, increasing their chances of employment after graduation.